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Exoy is the  distribution partner of the company CleanCarbonConversion AG / Switzerland, which is the manufacturer of the UHTH plant. 


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The Waste Challenge

More than ever, our future depends upon how we manage the future of our waste streams. We offer an integrated part of sustainable

development, an effective waste management.

The UHTH Answer

The UHTH process represents the next generation technology meeting growing demand for environmentally-responsible, cost effective waste to energy treatment.

The Sustainable Result

Ultra-High-Temperature-Hydrolysis (UHTH) is a flexible, reliable and clean energy technology that can turn a variety of low-value feedstocks (waste materials) into a high-value (syngas).

The UHTH process converts organic substances into clean synthesize gas by passing the materials through a reactor having inside the system very high temperatures (1100°C - 1300°C) in the absence of oxygen, guaranteeing a cleaner gas than it is available from any other process.


UHTH® syngas is cleaner than any other technology produces



UHTH® shows high hydrogen content for most feedstock (up to >75 Vol.% H2)

Syngas applications


Direct use (Burner, Heating, Cooling ...)

Chemical products  ( Lubricants, Wax ...)

Electricity  ( Turbine, Fuel Cell, Gas Motor ...)

Bio fuels  ( Methanol, Hydrogene, Diesel, Petrol ...)

UHTH - Advatages
zero pollution certified
modular economic
low cost compliant
patented clean syngas

The UHTH process converts all organic material/input into clean synthesized gas by passing the materials through a rotating reactor compartment inside the system ultra high temperatures in the absence of oxygen, guaranteeing a cleaner gas, wich is not compared to any other process.


No Fire, No Smoke, No Ash, No Toxic Residue


Generally, the UHTH PLANT can process materials with a residual moisture content of approx. 20-30% and in a size of approx. 1.5-2.5cm³ or similar size.



Les small a piece the input the quicker and more efficient the conversion into Syngas.

UHTH-Plant size

UHTH T5 Unit

Input approx. 5mt per day (feed stock dependent) approx 1.600mt per year.

Syngas Production 1.4-4.8 mil Nm³ p.a. (feed stock dependent)

Dimensions: Length 12,5m x Breadth 3m x Height 4,5m

UHTH T25 Unit

Input approx.25mt per day (feed stock dependent) approx 8000mt per year.

Syngas Production 7.2-24 mil Nm³ p.a. (feed stock dependent)

Dimensions: Length 25m x Breadth 4,5m x Height 10m

In order to increase the capacity, multiple systems can run in parallel.
50t, 100t or more processing per day is easy possible.

General Waste

Sludge from waste water plants, hospital waste, demolition waste, general industrial waste, solid municipal waste, returns from supermarkets.

Agricultural & Forestry

Animal manure, animal renderings and farina, compost, tree and bush clippings, agricultural harvesting residues such as rice pods, cotton seeds, coconut husks, etc., citrus peels, olive oil pomace and other oil production residues, bio-diesel production residues such as corn leaves, rape stems, sugar canes, etc.

Special Industrial Waste

Auto shredder residue (ASR), plastics, industrial sludge, electronic scrap, tannery waste, chemical cleaning (tetrachlorethylene), Expired pharmaceutical products, paints, varnishes, lacquers, tires, sawmill dust, black liquor from wood treatment etc.

Alternative Fuel Sources 

Bark and wood chips or pellets, tar sands and heavy oils, coal fines, methanol / bio diesel plants such as corn, sugar cane, rape seeds etc.

New Regulation Waste

Oil sludge incl. spills, harbor reception facilities incl. Marbol, PCB, phosphor recovery, chemical warfare, carbon, fiberglass, styrofoam, fishing nets etc.

Why Ultra-High Temperature Hydrolysis (UHTH) ?



Organic Waste to Energy


The UHTH technology recovers the energy contained in organic waste materials.

Clean, Cleaner, UHTH


The UHTH technology produces cleaner gas than is available from any other technology.

Patented & Certified


The UHTH technology and the plants are fully patented and certified.

Value Added


With UHTH technology, waste is no longer a threatening problem, but a source of energy.

Flexible and Adaptable


The UHTH plants are of a compact, modular construktion and setup, available in two sizes.



Fully compliant with the most stringent environmental regulations worldwide.